AirPhotoUSA to Offer 1' Aerial Imagery of United States

27 Jun, 2006

New aerial images to provide nationwide coverage with maximum clarity and platform compatibility, company reports.

GlobeXplorer's AirPhotoUSA announced what is reportedly the first comprehensive collection of 1'-resolution aerial photography for the United States. The new offerings are described as the highest-resolution off-the-shelf seamless imagery commercially available on a nationwide basis. GlobeXplorer and AirPhotoUSA plan to make the data available through a combined suite of online and offline products.

GlobeXplorer President Rob Shanks said, "Customers simply won't settle for less resolution than 1' any more."

AirPhotoUSA has more than 100,000 square miles in acquisition so far for 2006 at 1' resolution, and a goal of several hundred thousand by year's end, it reports. "We understand the importance of going beyond major urban core coverage to include secondary and tertiary markets that are seeing so much growth currently," said Paul Burrows, AirPhotoUSA president.

AirPhotoUSA Premium imagery will be made available on DVD in AirPhotoUSA's Photomapper product, as well as online through GlobeXplorer's Web services for mappers (ImageConnect), consumers/real estate (ImageAtlas) and application developers (ImageBuilder).