Altadyn Releases 3DXplorer v3 Beta for 3D Web Sites

14 Jan, 2008

No plug-in required for using or viewing sites with this real-time visualization tool.

Altadyn, a developer of real-time 3D software, announced on Monday the release of 3DXplorer v3 beta. According to the company, the software enables visitors to a 3D Web site to visualize the space and interact with the products from any Internet browser without a proprietary software installation.

The 3DXplorer authoring environment is a free online tool. Low monthly charges apply only to higher-traffic user sites. The sliding scale fee depends on the number of visitors the site receives.

Altadyn reports that users can quickly create custom 3D spaces either by importing models designed with common 3D modeling tools such as Google SketchUp or Autodesk 3ds Max, or by selecting attributes to Altadyn' s ready-made 3D objects available within 3DXplorer -- changing colors, textures, orientation, and size of the objects according to preference. Uploaded pictures (in JPG or GIF file format) or audio files (such as MP3) can be incorporated into a 3D scene as well. The final composition can be embedded on the user's personal or business Web site.

3DXplorer's technology is based on Java and other widely used industry standards, making 3D Web scenes immediately viewable on all Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms and on most browsers.

The company reports that Web application developers can use 3DXplorer as a 3D real-time visualization tool to develop social networking and virtual worlds, configurators, home equipment showrooms, walk-through tours for real estate offerings, PLM collaborative tools, online meetings, virtual tradeshows, games, and other projects.

Demonstrations of 3D Web sites using the 3DXplorer technology are available on the company's Web site.