ASCON Group and Spatial View Sign Partnership

17 Jan, 2008

Companies plan to bundle ASCON's KOMPAS-3D CAD software with Spatial View multiuser displays for auto-stereoscopic visualization of 3D models.

Spatial View, a developer of auto-stereoscopic display solutions, and ASCON, a Russia-based CAD solutions provider, announced today that the companies have signed a new development partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies intend to work closely and cooperate on a number of product development initiatives as well as strategic marketing. These plans include the bundling of ASCON's KOMPAS-3D CAD software with Spatial View multiuser stereo displays for accurate glasses-free visualization of 3D models.

The companies also report that future efforts will include direct integration of Spatial View 3D into the next release of the KOMPAS-3D software, as well as presentation of joint technology at future trade fairs, such as Hannover Messe in April 2008. Joint strategic marketing and coordination with both companies' technology and distribution partners is also planned.

"We're very excited about this partnership with ASCON," says Andreas Kozak of Spatial View. "The SVI-ASCON product combo will be a breakthrough for mid-class companies: a direct, simple, inexpensive solution for construction engineers, designers, developers, and also marketing management. One that features an easy step from CAD to VR as well -- useable for discussions, presentations, and analysis -- without any extra data to export or any extra VR software or expensive projection systems to purchase."