Aurigma Releases x64 Imaging API Beta

20 Nov, 2007

New x64-enabled Graphics Mill for .NET beta available for free download on Aurigma's Web site.

Aurigma released a new beta version of Graphics Mill for .NET that provides support for x64 architecture.

The x64-enabled version of Graphics Mill for .NET is free and "would certainly be of interest to the developers of mission-critical imaging solutions doing heavy image processing," said Dmitry Sevostyanov, Aurigma's CTO. "Surely, the main Graphics Mill for .NET x64 target group are high-demand preprint preparation and document-imaging systems -- those that want more memory for processing extra-large bitmaps."

Aurigma asks those who test the Graphics Mill for .NET x64 beta to provide feedback concerning the functionality and run time of the new solution.