Avatech Launches Consulting Services Group

4 Jun, 2008

New division to assist manufacturers with improving and automating both engineering and nonengineering processes.

Avatech Solutions announced the launch of a Consulting Services Group to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector.

The new group also will focus on providing process improvements that affect client efficiencies outside of design and engineering. Benefits can extend enterprisewide, affecting the shop floor, sales, purchasing, customer service, and suppliers, the company states.

"New technology, in and of itself, is not enough," said Scott Hale, vice-president of the new group. "Improving and automating processes is often the key to achieving extraordinary productivity gains and lower costs. As technology evolves, however, many manufacturers find it hard to stay abreast of the best available advances and how to properly leverage them for the greatest time and cost savings across the entire company.

"Our consulting group will look beyond technology to create advantages for manufacturers that provide exponential time and efficiency gains," Hale added. "Our team thoroughly understands the key challenges regarding processes that manufacturers face. Team members have been pulled from a roster of Avatech experts who have a proven history of streamlining and automating processes that are nothing short of transformative. The new group will operate out of Avatech's 18 existing offices across the country."

Avatech president and CEO George Davis added, "With our new Consulting Services Group, we will be focusing sharply on clients' business goals, while targeting processes in addition to technology. With global competition at a fever pitch, American manufacturers need these services more than ever to increase efficiency and control costs. All of us at Avatech see ourselves as partners with our customers in their innovation process, leading to increased market share and long-term corporate sustainability."