Bentley Augments Parametric Design Capabilities in MicroStation

17 Oct, 2007

Company adds 2D DCM, 3D DCM, and CDM technology from Siemens PLM Software to MicroStation.

Siemens PLM Software has licensed its D Cubed 2D and 3D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM and 3D DCM) and Collision Detection Manager (CDM) software components for use in Bentley's MicroStation platform. In addition, both companies announced a multiyear extension for the deployment of Parasolid as the 3D geometric-modeling component in MicroStation.

The newly added PLM components reportedly will allow Bentley to bring more sophisticated design techniques to the AEC marketplace.

"The AEC industry is moving in exciting new directions. Technologies such as building information modeling [BIM] and Bentley's own GenerativeComponents are vastly increasing the number of design configurations that architects and engineers can explore," said Shaun Sewall, vice-president of Platform Products and Technology at Bentley Systems. "Significant design changes can now be made more rapidly, more easily, and more economically than ever before. The D-Cubed components are an important part of our strategy to provide advanced parametric design capability to our users. Our experience with Parasolid and our strong business relationship with the Siemens PLM Software team over the past 10 years left us in no doubt that this extension to our partnership was the right choice."