CAD Manager's Newsletter #136

7 Sep, 2005 By: Robert Green

Cadalyst CAD Manager's Newsletter

CAD Manager’s Survey 2005

Reader feedback helps refine this year’s questionnaire.
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It’s once again time to deploy the CAD Manager’s Survey and take the pulse of CAD management.  I’ll tabulate this year’s results and publish them in the November issue of Cadalyst magazine. I’ll also include expanded coverage in the CAD Manager’s Newsletter that same month.

In this edition of the CAD Manager’s Newsletter, I’ll go over some reader feedback I received following the last issue (click here for archives) and share my approach to tabulating the survey data.

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To take the CAD Manager’s Survey 2005, go to my web site and use the CAD Manager’s Survey 2005 link. Read more >>

:: CAD Manager's Q&A

I have a very limited training budget and want to make the most of it.  How can I be sure I’m training the right topics to the right people?

Robert Green answers: Check your e-mail inbox!  You'd be surprised how much information is lurking in there.

I subscribe to the theory that your training program should teach the things that people ask about most often.  You may find that user questions have little to do with new software features and a lot to do with your in-house company procedures and standards.  No matter the content, user questions tell you the things that people are confused about or need help with.  And targeting the problems that affect user productivity should be the focus of any well-crafted training program. Read more >>

:: Resources

The Myth of Job Security: Commit your career to your company, and it’ll take care of you for life, right? Not quite. This article from InfoWorld tells how to refocus the concept of loyalty inward as you take care of your career first — and survive in the job world. 

:: Events

Autodesk University: November 28, 2005 - December 1, 2005, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, Florida. A learning and networking event for users of Autodesk products, hosted by the company.

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