CAD Manager's Newsletter #137

21 Sep, 2005 By: Robert Green

Changing Face of Training: A business-focused program will please users and management — and it's not difficult to develop

Cadalyst CAD Manager's Newsletter

Changing Face of Training

A business-focused program will please users and management — and it’s not difficult to develop

In this issue of the CAD Manager’s Newsletter, I’ll tackle the topic of training. Training is an important responsibility for the CAD manager, but it requires the right perspective and the right tools to be effective. I have some advice that will help you develop training programs that benefit your staff as well as please your management. Here goes.

A Quick Note About My CAD Manager’s Survey
If you haven’t already done so, please take five minutes to participate in my annual CAD Manager’s Survey.  The only way I can answer questions from CAD managers about salaries, job trends and other important issues that are important  is to take the pulse of the CAD management community -- and the survey is the way we can all contribute.  Go to my Web site and use the CAD Manager Survey 2005 link.

Please pass along this information to anyone who doesn't subscribe to this newsletter.  My goal is to surpass last year's response base and develop the best database of CAD management information on the Internet.

Changing Training Landscape
CAD training has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and CAD managers must roll with the changes.  As CAD has become more commonplace and employees come already trained from technical and engineering colleges, the need for old-line CAD training has fallen off. Read more >>

:: CAD Manager's Q&A

I’ve got more to do than I can handle, and things are starting to get out of control.  How can I get back in control of the CAD management situation without losing my job?

Robert Green answers: Realize that you can’t do everything and that you may need some help.

The secret to management isn't how much you personally can achieve but how much you can achieve via management of an extended team of people.  After all, there’s only so much you can do in a given week, right?

As technologists, we like to do things ourselves so we know the job is done right.  This personality trait serves us well at times, but works to our disadvantage in the management realm because we tend to hate delegating.  And let’s face it: The only way to get more done in the same time is to leverage and delegate.  Read more >>

:: Resources

AMD vs. Intel: Which 64-bit Processor is Better? For all you CAD managers looking to expand your knowledge in the realm of IT -- and for those of you already there -- ExtremeTech this week concluded a two-part series, “AMD vs. Intel: 64-bit Windows Dual-Core Shootout.” ExtremeTech puts the high-performance processors head-to-head running a variety of applications, and in the end, declares a winner.

:: Events

Large-Format Imaging Webinars
Various Dates in September 2005
Ideal presents a variety of educational seminars and product demonstrations related to large-format scanning and printing.

Autodesk Retirement Parties
October 5, 2005 (Detroit, Michigan)
October 14, 2005 (Columbus, Ohio)
October 27, 2005 (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Educational forums hosted by AEC CADCON will provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about the new line of the 2006 Autodesk solutions, focusing on building and infrastructure applications.

2005 Midwest SolidWorks Regional User Conference
October 13 -14, 2005
Racine Marriott Hotel, Racine, Wisconsin
Event includes 30 presentations by SolidWorks, PDM and FEA users, applications engineers and analysts. SolidWorks topics include top-down design, 2D drawings, sheet metal design, surfacing and system management.

For Cadalyst's full calendar of events, click here>>