CAD Manager's Newsletter #147

22 Mar, 2006 By: Robert Green

Get ready to help your staff transition to a new interface

Cadalyst CAD Manager's Newsletter

AutoCAD 2007 for CAD Managers, Part 1

Get ready to help your staff transition to a new interface
and 3D command set

In the last edition of the CAD Manager’s Newsletter (click here for archives), I promised that I’d look at the new AutoCAD 2007 product suite from a CAD manager’s perspective. My hope is to bring you the highlights of the new version, what to look out for, what to get on top of now and which new features can bring you some great functionality.

Here goes.

Wow, This is Different!

If you attend a demo for AutoCAD 2007 or spend any amount of time poking around in it, you’ll see that the main changes are a big difference in the interface and a substantial new 3D command set.


A totally new 3D command set and interface are the main changes you’ll notice in AutoCAD 2007. Note the Performance Tuner display at lower right.


It’s kind of ironic that after years of touting the 3D benefits of its other software platforms -- Revit, Inventor, Land Development Desktop, Architectural Desktop and Building Systems -- Autodesk would go to such great lengths to put 3D into its flagship 2D product. I draw a couple of preliminary conclusions about this, based on what I see in the new 3D feature set and interface:

This substantial 3D upgrade portends a 3D future for AutoCAD that we probably wouldn’t have guessed a few years back, which means AutoCAD will be a vibrant tool for years to come.

he visualization differences (some are apparent in the previous figure) also show that Autodesk realizes that what matters isn’t just the design, but how you show off the design. Read more >>

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Robert Green replies:A very cool question -- and a subject that I’m passionate about because I’ve been on my own for 15 years now. I’ll actually need a few newsletters to answer this question. We’ll go ahead and get started in this issue and continue with the next one. Read more >>

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AUGI Manufacturing Conference
April 4, 2006

Santa Clara , California  
Hosted by Ideate, this conference will explore best practices for implementing and managing the transition into 3D with Autodesk Inventor. 

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