CAD Manager's Newsletter #148

12 Apr, 2006 By: Robert Green

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AutoCAD 2007 for CAD Managers, Part 2

A look at new 3D features and how to best manage
the inevitable transition

In the last edition of CAD Manager’s Newsletter (click here for archives), I took a first look at AutoCAD 2007 from a CAD management standpoint. In this issue I’ll continue to examine this latest AutoCAD version, talking about the organizational changes that AutoCAD’s new 3D feature set could trigger and how CAD managers can manage these changes most effectively.

Here goes.

Is This Your Year for 3D?

As I mentioned in the last issue, the greatest change you’ll notice in AutoCAD 2007 is the 3D feature set and the design interface that facilitates its use. Because this is AutoCAD we’re talking about, people who’ve been avoiding 3D might finally take a look at it. After all, if you’re on subscription and getting the new release anyway, it won’t cost any extra to investigate, right?


AutoCAD's new 3D modeling and 3D-optimized Dashboard (at right) give a whole new look and feel to its 3D modeling environment.


I’m betting on the fact that some users -- not all, but some -- are going to get curious about AutoCAD’s new 3D capabilities and start checking things out. And when they do, they might get pretty good at it. And we all know that when users start exploring a new set of features, we need to be ready to manage the change or get overwhelmed by it . Read more >>

:: CAD Manager's Q&A

If I go out on my own, how do I know what to charge? How should I set up my finances?

Robert Green replies:

Setting Your Rates. Regarding your rate structure, the rule is simple: Find out what your competition charges and set your rates 10% lower. By setting your rate a little lower than those already established in the market, you provide an incentive for customers to hire you, the unknown entity, vs. someone who’s been in the business for a while. Read more >>

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Get a Grip on Electronic Data: AIIM (Enterprise Content Management Association) offers a new certificate program for electronic records management. The new Electronic Records Management (ERM) Certificate Program is designed from global best practices among AIM's 50,000 members. The program examines records management in relation to the business needs of all types of organizations in the public and private sector, with a particular emphasis on electronic records. The program is designed for a variety of professionals, including business managers, IT managers, archivists and records managers, as well as project managers and technical staff.

Work Getting in the Way of Life? Life Getting in the Way of Work? The new Work+Life "Fit" Blog by author Cali Williams Yost promises to teach you how to work with your employer to find mutually beneficial solutions. The blog includes commentary on trends, research and recent articles; individual and corporate work life innovations; links to resources; and comments from industry professionals and others interested in the latest developments in the work life field.

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COFES 2006
April 20-23, 2006
Scottsdale, Arizona

Presented by Cyon Research, the seventh-annual Congress on the Future of Engineering Software will bring together executives from engineering, design, development, architecture and technology companies to explore new engineering technology and discuss its effects on the future of business.

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