CAD Manager's Newsletter (#178)

7 Aug, 2007 By: Robert Green

CAD Standards, Part 5: Enforcement

Tips for getting users to follow the standards you worked so hard to create.

In the last installment of CAD Manager's Newsletter, I continued my series on CAD standards by explaining how you can ensure that your standards are results and process focused. I hope that everything I've covered in this series has led you to an understanding that CAD standards are simply a way of working smart, in a coordinated process, to get more done. After all, if standards don't help you get more done over the long haul, what's the point of having them? If you haven't had a chance to read the first installments, I recommend doing so now.

This time I will talk about the ultimate CAD standards problem: enforcement. Where standards are concerned, enforcement is "where the rubber meets the road," so it is critical that we give this crucial task the attention it deserves. Here goes.

I'll start the discussion with an e-mail message I received from a frustrated CAD manager:

"I've built my standards, but for whatever reason I just can't get people to follow them! What's the problem? Why won't people follow the rules? Help!" Read more>>

:: CAD Manager's Q&A

We're using a mixture of AutoCAD and presentation graphics tools and function in a primarily 2D environment. Should we spend the extra money to get high-speed dual-core or quad-core machines, even though we're not using high-end 3D software?

Robert Green replies: Yes! Just because you're not using the most cutting-edge 3D tools doesn't mean your users should be stuck with slow machines.

Here's my brief take on the current hardware situation:

Multicore processors and fast disks really are cheap. The cost of these computing platforms isn't a big barrier anymore, especially when amortized over a two-to-three-year service life. Buying older, single processors just to save a few dollars locks you into old architectures and low throughput. When you buy the new hot rods, be sure to specify RAID 0 disk controllers with two fast disks to almost double your disk drive throughput! CAD users make their machines perform a lot of disk access, so disk speed is a must, and the difference in cost is usually less than $100. Read more>>

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