Cadalyst All-Star Awards Honor the Best and Brightest, Part 2

4 Jun, 2007

Today's spotlight shines on SolidWorks 2007 Office Premium.

Cadalyst All-Star awards honor the best of the best -- the most outstanding among all software and hardware products that earned Highly Recommended ratings from Cadalyst Labs in the past six months. Four software systems and five hardware products earned the latest Cadalyst All-Star awards, announced in the June 2007 of Cadalyst magazine. Today's spotlight shines on SolidWorks 2007 Office Premium.

Cadalyst reviewer Jeffrey Rowe noted that with SolidWorks 2007, the company has added new and enhanced features and capabilities, and not just for the sake of adding them. In fact, this version seems more about improving the widely diverse workflows of the current and potential customer base than about tacking on additional raw functionality for specialized types of mechanical design. This development indicates the maturing of a product because it affects virtually all users -- regardless of their design niche and needs -- in a positive way. SolidWorks 2007 is as much about the design process as it is about designing a product.

New features and enhancements abound in SolidWorks 2007 Office Premium. An added search feature, the SolidWorks Explorer, incorporates an indexing search engine that enables users to search records or the Internet to display components used in any drawing and related objects and to display them in a manner similar to Google's.

Also notable are the SWIFT (SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology) capabilities that are useful to both new and more experienced users because they automate a number of challenging tasks and aid in the design decision-making process.