CADENAS Opens Japanese Subsidiary

16 Oct, 2007

Developer of online catalogs for 3D parts suppliers in Japan plans to launch 50 editions by early 2008.

CADENAS Technologies announced the formation of CADENAS Web2cad, a Tokyo, Japan-based subsidiary that is expected to expand the company's reach throughout Asia.

CADENAS Web2cad will market products and services from PARTsolutions -- the American operation of CADENAS -- and eCATALOGsolutions to Japanese customers. Current customers of PARTsolutions will have access to 3D-enabled Japanese supplier catalogs as well. The company states that it expects to launch 50 online catalogs by Q1 2008.

"With constant innovations, we will provide the best 3D catalog publishing and standard part-management solutions available," said Yoshio Ueda, president of CADENAS Web2cad.

Added Juergen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS Technologies, "This is a big step forward in achieving our goals of globalization, which is an extensive added value for our worldwide customers. Because of the domain knowledge and the professionalism of our Japanese colleagues, the CADENAS software solutions will be established within the shortest time to market possible."

PARTsolutions' cross-media publishing services allow suppliers to publish 3D digital catalogs online, in print, on CD-ROM, and through desktop enterprise solutions. The company provides suppliers with 24-hour access to information about prospects and customers downloading their products. Suppliers also have the option to include catalogs in the Google 3D Warehouse, as well as on their own Web site and on other public and private Internet portals.