Cyon Research Makes Stock Index Public

6 Feb, 2008

Corporation makes Cyon Research Stock Index available online to the public free of charge.

Cyon Research Corporation, a business analyst consultancy for engineering technology markets, has made its historically private Cyon Research Stock Index available online. The index of selected publicly traded stocks can now be accessed by members of the public free of charge.

The Cyon Research Index tracks the performance of bundles of stocks that provide a tool for understanding the movement of market sectors related to design and engineering software. The sectors traced include AEC, mechanical design, GIS, plant design, and electronic design automation, with comparables for general hardware and service providers. The mechanical design sector is further refined into subsectors for MCAD, computer-aided engineering, computer-aided manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and collaborative product data management.

Previously, the performance analysis had been available only to subscribers of Cyon Research's monthly publication, the Engineering Automation Report, which Cyon Research sold in 2007.

"Historically, we have used the indicators for our own purposes to refine our understanding of both the state of the industry and the direction of its various sectors," said Brad Holtz, Cyon Research CEO. "By making the annually updated index public, it can reach a much broader audience. More frequent valuations are still exclusive to our clientele."