Dassault Adds Microsoft Connectivity Technology to 3Dlive

17 Oct, 2007

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 provides enterprise connectivity and advanced indexing, search, and messaging capabilities for online collaboration application.

Dassault Systemes announced that the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 unified communications platform is providing the enterprise connectivity that enables its 3DLive solution to link users in collaborative 3D environments.

3DLive is a lightweight, online collaboration application that reportedly combines the universal language of 3D with Microsoft's indexing, search, and instant messaging tools. 3DLive integrates existing product lifecycle management or product data management systems using adaptive service-oriented architecture and Web services to facilitate product design and downstream planning and resource management. 3DLive also features a 3D interactive interface that offers an alternative to searching through text menus in multiple databases and applications, the company states. This includes the 3D Contextual Buddy List and the 3D Heads-Up Display, which provides chat, 3D image-sharing, conavigation, and annotation capabilities.

"3DLive integrated to Microsoft Office Communications server 2007 is all about bringing the people, the products, the processes, and the resources that drive the business together in one immersive 3D virtual environment to enable innovative designs, higher product quality, and shorter time to market," said John Squire, vice-president of worldwide marketing for ENOVIA at Dassault Systemes. "Together, the two products offer all stakeholders streamlined communications and more efficiency than they could ever achieve using conventional collaboration tools."