Establishing a Rewards Program (CAD Manager's Toolbox)

9 Jun, 2009 By: Robert Green

Acknowledge those who help you -- motivating your users will bring even greater benefits.

Do you have power users who help you conduct training and technical support? Do you have people who help you with plotter maintenance? Do you have CAD users who bring you productivity-boosting ideas? If so, say thank you by establishing a rewards program.

Setting up a simple rewards program for users who assist you with your CAD management duties is an inexpensive way to build CAD group enthusiasm while helping you get your job done more easily. A rewards program has no firm rules, but here are a few ideas to get started. Read more

Good Idea Reward
Give a $25 gift card to an electronics store or coffee shop for every neat tip, trick, or idea that increases the productivity of users.

Best Idea of the Year Reward
Present a cash prize of $250 for the best productivity enhancer of the year.

Standards Reward
Reward those who are active in standards formulation or standards committees with a gift card or similar prize.

Learning Reward
Honor employees who complete self-paced training courses on their own time via books or online resources by giving them a small cash reward. This reward motivates employees to better themselves with little cost to the company.

None of these ideas are rocket science, but it's amazing how far a few rewards and some public recognition can go toward motivating CAD users. Pitch the idea to your management and explain that they will see an increase in performance from a motivated workforce and that it will far exceed the small cost of a rewards program.