NextComputing adds Seagate Momentus Hard Drives to Portable Flextops

25 Aug, 2008

Hardware supports performance-hungry applications with 7200 RPM and 320 GB.

NextComputing announced yesterday the addition of the Seagate Momentus 7200.3 hard drive to all flextop and rugged portable computer models. According to the company, the Momentus 7200.3 matches its mobile, rugged, high-performance design standards and provides low power consumption, free-fall protection, and performance. Seagate's new 2.5" hard drive can deliver as much as 320 GB of capacity and combines a Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s interface with 7200-RPM spin speed and a 16MB cache.

The company reports that the entire Momentus series is built to withstand up to 1000 Gs of nonoperating shock and 350 Gs of operating shock to protect drive data, making the drives ideal for NextComputing's Vigor series of rugged portables. The drive also is offered with G-Force Protection, a free-fall sensor technology, to help prevent drive damage and data loss upon impact if the system is dropped.

"The addition of Seagate's high-performance 320GB Momentus 7200.3 notebook hard drive to our line of flextops and rugged portables enables exceptional data throughput to support performance-hungry applications including video production, SD/HD video encoding, DVR, advanced 3D medical imaging, and seismic analysis, as well as sniffer and data recording. Our users can perform all of these remotely with our high-performance, portable line up. The drive's low power consumption fits in with our green computing philosophy and reduces the total cost of ownership," explained Bob Labadini, president and CTO of NextComputing.

The hard drives are available on NextComputing's NextDimension Pro and Pro HD, NextDimension Evo and Evo HD, as well as Vigor Pro SD and Vigor Evo HD models.