NextComputing Introduces Whisper Technology to its Portable Workstations

6 Nov, 2008

Available in new systems or as an upgrade kit, it reportedly reduces audible background noise by 50% in medium-load conditions.

NextComputing, a provider of portable workstations, today introduced Whisper Technology as an option on the NextDimension Pro and Pro HD models, the company's smallest and most lightweight flextop computers.

According to the company, this quieter model is designed for two major niche markets:

  • architects, users, and instructors of high-end ISV (independent software vendor) applications where meetings, demonstrations, and collaborative utilization of the software usually occur in professional office settings

  • broadcast video, film, and audio environments where reducing audible background noise from computer equipment is essential for recording clean audio tracks

Whisper Technology is also available as an upgrade kit for existing systems to reduce the computer's acoustical footprint. Intel-based systems enabled with this option are reportedly six times quieter in low-load and idle conditions, and nearly 50% quieter in medium-load conditions.

Aaron Sherman, business development manager of media and entertainment at NextComputing, said, "For any production situation that requires high-quality audio, be it a movie set, video recording, multimedia webcast, or an audio-only recording, users need as little background noise as possible. Loud computer noise on an audio track is at best a distraction, if not a showstopper, and can be very difficult to remove in postproduction. Even idle noise on a standard workstation can be loud enough to break through. The NextDimension Pro HD with Whisper Technology drastically reduces background noise for these and any other acoustically sensitive environments. Whisper Technology greatly enhances the system's impact as a visual tool, giving the best possible presentation for your product when first impressions are crucial to your success."