Open Design Alliance Announces Legacy Application Recovery

26 Oct, 2008

New service enables users to convert obsolete ARX applications into current DRX applications.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA), a nonprofit CAD consortium, announced today new services for CAD developers and end-users to implement DRX support for obsolete or legacy ARX custom-object applications developed with Autodesk ObjectARX.

According to ODA, custom-object applications are often designed for specialized CAD drawings, such as mechanical, electrical, architecture, or civil engineering, allowing end-users to create custom entities and use custom commands. If the source code of these custom-object applications is lost or not maintained over time, end-users become restricted to using legacy CAD applications that do not work with, or take advantage of, the latest features found in more recent DWG file formats.

This new service will allow users to convert obsolete ARX applications into current DRX applications, which are usable within any DWGdirect host application.

ODA president Arnold van der Weide said, "The inability to update an ARX application to work with the most recent versions of DWG forces a CAD user to prematurely retire a productive application and lose the ability to correctly display legacy CAD drawings. ODA's Legacy Application Recovery services allow users to continue working with their older CAD drawings and applications productively and efficiently, which is exactly what the custom object applications were designed to do originally."