Open Design Alliance Announces New Founding Members

10 Nov, 2008

Carlson Sofware, INFRASOFT, and Nanosoft Limited will join the ODA CAD consortium.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA), a nonprofit CAD consortium, announced today the addition of Carlson Software, INFRASOFT, and Nanosoft Limited to ODA's Founding Members.

The ODA is a member-based organization that relies on its membership as a foundation for continued growth and sustainability. The rise in the number of Founding Members is the largest increase in ODA history within a six-month period.

Arnold van der Weide, president of the ODA, said, "The CAD/CAM industry continues to shift in ways that increase the demand for open component technology that can read, write, and render CAD file formats. With ODA technology, new members find that they can quickly benefit from the opportunity to deliver robust engineering solutions. We enthusiastically welcome Carlson Software, INFRASOFT, and Nanosoft Limited with their project nanoCAD, as Founding Members and look to our ongoing relationships with each ODA member as an indicator of solid partnerships that work."

Dave Carlson, executive vice-president of development at Carlson Software, added, "With full access to the ODA software libraries, our membership allows us to develop new applications and offer our customers more choices. We look forward to an active role as members in the ODA organization."