Open Design Alliance Delivers Public DRX SDK

8 Jan, 2008

Free software development kit allows end users to create custom extensions for DWGdirect-based applications.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced that its DRX Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available at no cost for public download. The DRX SDK is a new development platform that allows end users to create extensions for DWGdirect-based applications.

End users of DRX-compatible host products can use the DRX SDK to create their own custom DRX extension modules. The DRX SDK already operates with DRX-compatible applications currently available from ODA members.

The SDK uses an object-oriented C++ interface and allows end users to create custom entities and custom commands. For example, the ODA uses this technology internally to implement walls, roofs, stairs, and more within its ADTdirect architectural package. These custom entities can be rendered and manipulated within any DRX-compatible host application. "The release of the DRX SDK is a major milestone for the ODA," said Neil Peterson, chief technical officer of the ODA. "CAD end users frequently need to create new entity types to represent domain-specific data, and the DRX SDK provides the tools needed to accomplish this task. In addition, unlike similar packages offered by other companies, DRX extension modules are usable within every DRX-compatible host application available from ODA members."