Report: 3D Printers Show Solid Growth in 2005

8 Feb, 2007

Wohlers Associates estimates 35.2% increase in sales over 2004.

Wohlers Associates released its Wohlers Report 2006 this week, in which the company estimates that Stratasys, Z Corp., 3D Systems, Objet Geometries, Envisiontec and Solidimension sold 3D printers valued at $100.2 million in 2005. This sales volume reflects an increase of 35.2% from the $74.1 million in 3D printers sold in 2004, although a decrease from the 99.5% growth in 2004. In unit sales, the report indicates that most 3D printer manufacturers had a solid 2005.

The company reports that 3D printers accounted for 70% of all additive systems sold in 2005, an increase from 66.8% in 2004. Meanwhile, 3D printers represent 44.3% of all additive systems installed worldwide through the end of 2005, showing increases from 37.9% in 2004, 30.7% in 2003 and 25.8% in 2002.

Wohlers Report 2006 suggests several indicators of strong growth for 3D printers during the next several years; if the worldwide economy remains relatively strong, an estimated 15,000 3D printers are expected to sell annually by 2010. A detailed overview of the report ($475) is available on the company's Web site.