Tekla, CSI Develop SAP2000 Interface

15 Oct, 2007

New link between Tekla Structures and SAP2000 allows Tekla Structures users to send models to and from SAP2000 for analysis and design.

Tekla Corporation and Computers & Structures, Inc. (CSI) announced the development of a new interface between Tekla Structures and SAP2000. The interface uses the SAP2000 Open API (Application Programming Interfacing) and supports both steel and concrete material data transfer.

The modeling of a structure begins in Tekla Structures. Once the model is ready for analysis and design, it is sent from within the Tekla Structures environment to SAP2000. Updates made to the model in SAP2000 are then passed seamlessly back to Tekla Structures, according to the company. Users have full access to all features of SAP2000 during analysis and design, and subsequent changes can be made to the model in either environment.

"This integration between Tekla Structures and SAP2000 is an indication of our commitment to BIM [building information modeling]," said Ashraf Habibullah, president and CEO of CSI. "The interface not only allows fast and direct two-way updating of information between CSI products and third-party BIM products, but also sustains a high level of integrity in the data transfer, which is of paramount importance to our structural engineering user base."