The Other Solutions Offers New Professional Scanners

5 Jun, 2008

Next generation of wide-format scanners said to offer higher optical resolution, faster color speed, and more.

The Other Solutions, an online distributor of computer accessories, large-format scanners, and printers, announced the launch of the GTCO Calcomp Scan Plus 7 HD Series. GTCO Calcomp has upgraded the optical resolution from 508 dpi to 600 dpi.

"600 dpi is the highest true optical resolution specification in the large-format scanning industry today," said Karin Smitt, vice-president of sales and marketing for The Other Solutions operations. "Optical resolution is a key indicator of image quality -- and we are very pleased to offer our customers this industry-leading capability."

The HD Series includes the Hi-Speed USB interface with GTCO Calcomp's extended data transfer rate, known as xDTR. xDTR speeds up data transfer from the scanner to the PC from 18MB/sec to 32MB/sec, enabling color scanning to be realized at the maximum scanner speed of 3"/sec. "Our aim is to balance quality and speed. This upgrade enables our customers to reduce the time they spend on daily scanning tasks by up to 50% -- while maintaining excellent image quality," added Smitt.

To help customers navigate GTCO Calcomp's wide product range, the company has made its product names more intuitive. The HD (for high definition) replaces the LF (for Large Format) but the three-digit model code remains the same.

GTCO Calcomp's Scan Plus 7 HD Series scanners include these features:

  • true 600 dpi optical resolution for outstanding image quality

  • faster Hi-Speed USB xDTR for high productivity gains on daily scanning tasks

  • advanced 48-bit CCD technology with on-board image processing for fast, picture-perfect results

  • Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) for safe scanning of all document types, even up to 0.6" thick

The new ScanPlus 7 scanner series starts at $9,900, which includes the scanner and the WIDEimage scanner software plus two years on-site service warranty in the United States.