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31 Jul, 2003 By: Ron LaFon Cadalyst

Okino Computer Graphics, $495

Essentially Okino Computer Graphics develops one product—the NuGraf Rendering System—which represents the full-featured version. PolyTrans is a scaled-down version of NuGraf without the full ray-tracing functionality and advanced rendering features, and with a

Okino’s Mark Zadel created this living room model in LightWave and then rendering it in NuGraf Rendering System. The scene uses 25 texture maps of resolution 512×512 or greater and 11 light sources, of which 7 cast shadows. Notice the nice shadows cast by NuGraf's fast shadow-mapping process.
simplified interface. All of Okino’s converters are also available directly inside 3ds max, Maya, XSI, and MacroMedia Director as native plug-ins.

By design, the NuGraf Rendering System doesn’t include any modeling features. Other applications do the modeling, while it concentrates on rendering and visualization. NuGraf offers some of the best 3D file translation capabilities. Indeed, the focus on 3D data translation capabilities between programs and file formats is so good that this is how many people are familiar with Okino.

Reflecting its long course of development, which began in 1988, the NuGraf Rendering System is complex. Rather than trying to dazzle you with even a superficial listing of the extensive feature set and capabilities, I’ll refer you to the Okino Web site. While you’re there, look at the image gallery and you’ll see what a capable rendering application NuGraf is. Demos of both the NuGraf Rendering System and PolyTrans are available for download from the Web site.

At $495 for The NuGraf Rendering System ($395 for PolyTrans), and $395 for the optional add-on converter pack, this is a real bargain for a mature application rich in features.

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