On the Road with Remtec

10 Jul, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

Ultimately successful, the 2D-to-3D journey of a petroleum tanker-trailer maker is not without a few potholes


Andre Bourgault, director of research and development at Remtec, a maker of petroleum tanker trailers, can tell you that not all shapes are created equal. Take, for instance, an oval-shaped trailer and a cylindrical one. Because of its lower center of gravity, the oval vessel is less likely to roll over. But it's also the more challenging of the two to model -- especially the elliptical tanker head on each end.p>

Several years ago, when Remtec considered migrating to 3D, the company evaluated a number of modelers, including Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and Solid Edge. After ruling out those that were priced beyond the company's budget and those that failed to execute the desired modeling tasks, Remtec narrowed its choices to two finalists.  Read more >>


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Company also reports that trial for patent litigation suit by ROMER has been rescheduled for October 2006.  Read more >>

MSC.Software Now Current with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Filings
Company also reports expected Q2 revenue.

CAPVIDIA, LEDAS Announce Partnership
Companies plan to cooperate in the market of science-intensive technologies, software development.  Read more >>

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