31 Aug, 2003 By: Ron LaFon Cadalyst

Cornerstone Peripherals Technology

5 stars out of 5
Highly Recommended The Cornerstone P1750 monitor is one of two monitors in this roundup to receive a five-star rating. The P1750 features resolutions up to 2048×1536 at an 85Hz refresh rate in true color. Based on the Mitsubishi natural-flat, aperture-grille tube, the P1750 offers
Cornerstone P1750
Cornerstone’s P1750 is one of the most attractive and least expensive monitors reviewed.
three brightness modes. You might choose the superbright setting, for example, when viewing videos or DVDs. Brightness sensors also automatically adjust the brightness of the monitor as it ages to ensure consistent brightness.

At $649, the P1750 is among the most economical of the displays tested here. This is a 22" monitor with a 20" viewing area. Dot pitch is a relatively fine 0.24mm. Horizontal sync on the P1750 is 30–140KHz, and vertical sync is 50–160Hz. The tube is very dark, which gives the display good contrast. The P1750’s black housing enhances the darkness of the tube and makes for an attractive monitor.

On the test bench, the P1750 showed some very slight corner sharpness problems, and reds were a bit orange instead of clear red. Despite these minor deductions, the P1750 produces an attractive display that should prove easy to live with. The on-screen menu is not the easiest to navigate and understand, but it’s far from the most complex and obscure that I've seen. Six control buttons on the front, plus an input toggle and a power on/off toggle, make it relatively easy to manage the most-used display adjustments. The monitor provides connectivity with two vertically mounted D-sub connectors.

The Cornerstone P1750 is covered by an excellent five-year warranty, two full years more than the industry-standard coverage on the other monitors reviewed here. This, combined with the low price and the general quality of the display, earns the P1750 Cadalyst’s five-star rating. Highly Recommended.

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