Q&A: Design Turns Green, Part I

20 Apr, 2006 By: Cadalyst Staff

In anticipation of an upcoming PBS series, Autodesk's Phil Bernstein talks about sustainable architecture


Brad Pitt, narrating the upcoming Autodesk-sponsored PBS series "design: e2, the economies of being environmentally conscious," warns us, "More people are living on earth than ever before. The planet has never been under such stress. How can we live in harmony with our earth?"

That question will be answered when the show airs in June. For the time being, we turn to Phil Bernstein, vice-president of Autodesk's Building Solutions Division, for a glimpse of Autodesk's green philosophies and initiatives.  Read more >>p>


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General Software: ProgeCAD 2006 Professional v6.1.8
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Visualization: trueSpace v7.1 and V-Ray v1
Caligari pairs two new products to offer high-end graphics and rendering. 

MCAD: Automation Studio
Updated version from Famic Technologies includes extended symbol libraries with manufacturers' components.  Read more >>

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