Q&A Series: Autodesk Subscription, Part 1

30 Jul, 2009 By: Cadalyst Staff

How can subscription ensure that my Autodesk software is license compliant?

This Q&A is part of a series from Cadalyst and Autodesk in which the company answers readers' questions about its software subscription policies. See also the Cadalyst article, As Software Subscriptions Lapse in Down Economy, Autodesk Clarifies Policies.

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Question: How can subscription ensure I am compliant?

Autodesk responds: Autodesk Subscription does not “ensure compliance” with the Autodesk End User License Agreement.  To help you or your company achieve license compliance, Autodesk recommends you start by implementing a software asset management program.  Autodesk provides a free software asset management toolkit to assist you.  However, the advantage of Autodesk Subscription is that it does provide you with 1) the most recent version of any product automatically delivered, 2) full visibility into the software assets owned (via subscription center view) and 3) you can manage those assets proactively as needed. Also, because Autodesk Subscription terms offer licensing flexibility under certain conditions such as previous version usage, home use, and use outside of territory where purchased, staying compliant is made easier.

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