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23 Oct, 2013 By: Robert Green

Wondering what your current computers cost, or what new machines could save your company?

If you've ever wanted to compute the cost of owning, powering, or servicing computers over a multiyear lifespan, you've no doubt thought about how much information you'd need to undertake such a task — and possibly felt daunted by it.

I've often done basic cost analyses on these types of issues by creating my own spreadsheets, but have always felt my numbers were suspect because I could never fully quantify the IT costs related to a machine's lifetime. Recently, I began poking around the ownership cost estimator on the Intel web site, and have found it to be a powerful and flexible tool that can help with this task.

Begin your calculations by entering the computer topology of your company.

Next, move on to the power management matrix.

Finally, enter the user cost metrics of your workers.

After you enter these numbers, the tool computes a total cost profile, including software/hardware deployment and energy savings. This cost is then offset by labor savings using your users' cost numbers. Of course, you may choose to adjust some factors up or down to suit your own situation, but I find the numbers to be pretty accurate based on my own IT experience.

Don't guess about what your current computers cost or what new computers could save your company — calculate the value for yourself! I think you'll find this tool is a great place to start.

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