"Do You Do BIM? Part 1

4 Jun, 2006 By: Brandt R. Karstens

Building information modeling is more than new technology; know the basics and you'll be prepared for your clients' inevitable question


BIM (building information modeling), a new approach in facility design and construction, is not simply a technology implementation. Rather, as an innovative approach to the entire building process, BIM brings together the major stakeholder groups — architects, mechanical-electrical-plumbing-structural engineers, building contractors and owners — early on in the process. The idea: answering more building-related questions sooner, sharing information, breaking down traditional barriers and thus cutting costs.p>

Understanding BIM and its benefits are the first step toward making the BIM transition. This two-part article will help you arm yourself with the basics and prepare yourself for the next steps. Today's article will compare BIM to the conventional approach to building and explain its major benefits. In Part 2, we'll look at software as an enabling technology for BIM and the challenges of BIM implementation.  Read more >>


PLM Market Growing 8% Annually in France
French-speaking regions account for 11% of the global PLM market, according to 01consulting report.  Read more >>

IMSI Completes Acquisition of Internet Entertainment Network AccessMedia
Combined company will operate as Broadcaster. 


Hardware: EUROCOM M570U Divine
Notebook is powered by an Intel Core Duo processor and an ATi Mobility Radeon X1800XT graphics card.  Read more >>

General Software: Strata Live 3D
Software creates real-time and photorealistic 3D content for Flash, PDF and Web.  Read more >>

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