Recommended Reading for CAD Managers: Rework

22 Jun, 2015 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Become a better, more inspiring technical leader with these tips for finding the best ways to work.


I like reading business books that provide an alternate views of how to work — especially those written by authors who don't work in CAD-based industries. Rework (by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson) is one such book.

Written for an audience of independent team leaders, entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to work more on their own, this book is briskly written in modular sections that translate surprisingly well for technical leadership positions such as CAD management.

I found the concepts of getting to work, using the correct processes, and not becoming reliant on a particular set of tools — enlivened with an Eddie Van Halen analogy — to be especially valid.

All of us need to be better leaders so we can push through process changes such as standards. The tips on finding the best ways to work via experimentation and getting exposure for your ideas will help you approach your workload differently. After all, CAD managers are simply CAD entrepreneurs who are trying to convince people inside the company they work for.

If you are open to learning about new ways to work, this book is worth a look even though a few sections (such as business financing) aren't applicable to CAD managers. At about $15 (in a variety of print, digital, and audio formats), if you get just one good idea from Rework, it'll pay for itself.

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