Sharp LL-T2015 LCD

31 May, 2004 By: Ron LaFon

20.1" flat-panel monitor.

SHARP SYSTEMS OF AMERICA introduced the LL-T2015 LCD, a flat-panel 20.1" UXGA monitor. With a fast 16ms response time, it's designed for demanding applications such as CAD and visualization. The LL-T2015 can accept input from three different computers using an optional connection cable. It features an analog mini D-sub 15-pin connector and a DVI-I connector for either digital or analog input. It does not offer USB connectivity.

Available in an ivory or black housing, the LL-T2015 has a narrow bezel-the left and right sides are 20mm wide, saving space for multimonitor use. The bezel's narrowness makes the LL-T2015 appear small, until you power it up and can see the bright display. Six control buttons, located at the bottom right of the bezel, provide access to input selection, menu, and menu navigation. The power switch is next to the LED power indicator. Though labeled on the bezel itself, the buttons were a bit difficult to locate and read on the black housing I reviewed.

Although the LL-T2015 doesn't pivot to a portrait mode, the stand lets you make adjustments 60mm vertically, 30° forward and back, and 45° right and left. The stand is quite stable, even at the extremes of its pivots and tilts.

The LCD's on-screen menu is well designed and easy to navigate and understand. It supports the typical range of geometric and color adjustments as well as eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, and Japanese.

Office mode is a low-brightness setting that consumes only 30W. You can also select Vivid mode for photorealistic images and Standard mode for day-to-day use. The LL-T2015 weighs about 21lbs and measures 9" deep, including the stand.

 The Sharp LL-T2015 LCD Monitor offers a fast 16ms response time, making it ideal for use with CAD applications.
The Sharp LL-T2015 LCD Monitor offers a fast 16ms response time, making it ideal for use with CAD applications.

The display's native resolution is 1,600X1,200 pixels (1.9 megapixels) at 60Hz with either analog or digital input. It boasts a 0.255mm dot pitch vertically and horizontally. For this monitor, the brightness rating is 250cd/m2 and the contrast rating is 400:1. Both ICC and sRGB color profiles are included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Sharp's attention to detail is evident in the LL-T2015. It includes such niceties as a cleaning cloth for the front of the LCD screen and the ability to tuck away any excess cable in the monitor's stand. The multi-language manual provides essential information without bogging down in excess detail and explanation.

With an estimated street price of $1,299, the Sharp LL-T2015 has much to offer. My only complaint is the lack of USB connectivity, particularly for a display in this price range. If you can live without USB connections, this is an outstanding monitor with a fast response time for CAD and visualization applications. Its attractive display should be easy to live with on a daily basis.

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