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26 Jan, 2010 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: The Batch Standards Checker is an underused utility that can detect standards violations in DWG files.

No matter what kind of software you run, you probably have a copy of AutoCAD on your machine for one reason or another. And I bet you also have to deliver DWG files to outside firms, receive them from outside firms, or use them in your own company.

So how do you know whether the DWG files you're using actually conform to standards for elements like layers, line types, dimensional styles, and text properties? The Batch Standards tool is the answer.

You can find the Batch Standards Checker in your Start menu, similar to the figure below.

Upon invoking the Batch Standards Checker, you'll simply select the DWG files you wish to audit for standards compliance in the first tab.

Next, select the standard file to use as the "good file" in the second tab, as seen below. (Note that the standard file has a DWS file suffix, which is created simply by using AutoCAD's SaveAs command.)

Now click the Start Check button (seen above) and your standard check will begin to examine your DWG files for layer, dimensional, text, and line type standards compliance. Hopefully everything will be OK and you'll get a message that says "0 problems found," as seen with "drawing 1 of 2" below.

But if the person who sent you the drawing violated standards, you'll see a "problems found" message, as with "drawing 2 of 2" above. If errors are found, you'll get a detailed HTML-based report that you can send to the standards violator to help them fix the problems.

The Batch Standards tool is one of the most underused tools for standards compliance that I've seen, especially considering that most CAD managers already have it. So take a little time to become better acquainted with this powerful utility, and never again be surprised by a non-standard DWG file.

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