TBM Conference Publishes IT Management Videos

10 Mar, 2015 By: Robert Green

If your job as a CAD manager requires you to understand IT management strategies, these online videos are invaluable.

If you function as an IT manager, or are just interested in IT management, you need good information about how to plan a long-term IT strategy — but that can be hard to find. A great resource for this type of information is available to us all at the Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference web site, The TBM Conference is an event similar to Autodesk University or SolidWorks World, except that it focuses on a general IT/networking audience.

While the TBM Conference doesn't talk about CAD, it does preach the concept of using technology to further a company's business goals. That concept is increasingly applicable to CAD managers, since the tools we manage are more intertwined with network and Internet infrastructure than ever. I've found the TBM Conference to be a very thought-provoking resource — almost like TED Talks for IT folks.

TBM Conference video summary page

Of particular interest is the video summary page (shown above) where you can skim through all of last year's conference resources at will. If you want to view an entire presentation, you can register with Apptio (the conference sponsor) to gain full access.

Of course, not all CAD managers are concerned with IT, so the TBM Conference site may not be your cup of tea. But if IT strategy does interest you, it is a fantastic resource.

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