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31 Mar, 2003 By: Cadalyst Staff Cadalyst

Xi 4306 MTower SP, @Xi Computer Corp.

Xi 4306 MTower SP

The Xi 4306 MTower SP used to test the flat-panel monitors in this roundup is based on a 3.06GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU. It came equipped with 1GB of RAMBUS RAM (it holds 2GB of RAM when fully populated), Windows 2000 Workstation updated to Service Pack 3, and the NVIDIA Quadro4 980XGL graphics card used in many other CAD/CAM systems. The flat-panel monitors were tested with NVIDIA drivers v6.13.10.4109 in 32-bit color mode at 1280×1024@75Hz.

The test system included a Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical mouse and a simple black Mitsumi keyboard that has a very good feel. A Realtek RTL8100BL Network Interface Card is integrated, as is a Realtek ALC650 sound chipset.

The Xi 4306 MTower SP offers seven drive bays: four 5.25" and two 3.5" slots that are externally accessible, and one internal 3.5" bay. Of the six PCI slots available for expansion, none were filled in the test configuration.

@Xi’s new Neon case is a distinctive black mini-tower with two vertical blue-glowing Lucite bars near the front edges of the system. The easy-to-remove side panel features an oval Lucite window that shows the case interior. This case is not only attractive, but also highly functional and expandable.

@Xi Computer Corporation offers a broad range of configuration options for its systems, as evidenced by all the choices presented by its Web site–based ordering system. This reasonably priced system is fast and performed flawlessly throughout Cadalyst’s benchmark tests. For more details on this Highly Recommended system and its performance, see the workstation roundup in last month's Cadalyst, p. 22.

Incidentally, @Xi Computer is the company’s new business name (formerly Xi Computer)—only its name has changed, not its great systems.

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