Think More, Work Less

8 May, 2013 By: Robert Green

Spending a few minutes of time thinking about your CAD management tasks can save you hours of work later.

Many CAD managers I talk with are in such a rush to get certain work tasks done that they never stop to think critically about what they're doing, their methods, or even whether their chosen solution is the best approach to the task at hand. When I see a CAD manager falling into the "too busy to think about it" trap, I advise the following:

  1. Stop what you're doing.
  2. Think about task requirements.
  3. Review your approach.
  4. Revise methods as appropriate.
  5. Start back up.

This process doesn't have to take long, and you don't have to be Einstein to apply it. In fact, sometimes just a few minutes of clear thought during my lunch break can save me hours of time later.

For example, I was once immersed in a project that required me to import some machinery files in STEP format into a building shell in a Revit project. I'd spent a number of hours trying to perform the import, but I was having real problems with aligning coordinate systems to place the machinery accurately. I did not have access to the CAD system that had produced the STEP data, and I thought I was doomed.

After cursing my predicament, I realized I needed to step out of "crisis mode" if I were to have any chance of solving the problem. I cleared my head and examined the situation methodically. Only then did I realize that I could easily bring the STEP geometry into AutoCAD to manipulate it. The fact that I didn't have the same CAD system as the machinery vendor was immaterial for my project requirements. Problem solved.

My conclusion? Think more! Now go unleash your inner Einstein: Really think about what you're doing — before you waste any more time!

For a different take on this topic, see my related article, "Conduct a CAD Management Audit."

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