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14 Jul, 2010 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Members of the new Facebook group have some advice for their fellow CAD managers.

About a month ago I created a Facebook group called CAD Managers Unite! that has proven to be a useful resource for sharing information. Recently I asked for tips from group members, and I'd like to share some of that feedback with you here.

Tim McDougald said: Don't summarily dismiss the ideas and input of your users. Some of my best moves come from incorporating ideas brought in from outside or from new hires. There can be no "we have always done it like this" [attitude]. At the same time, know who you should not listen to. Some of the worst ideas come from new hires too.

RG adds: I love Tim's willingness to consider solutions from others, so long as they are workable. Sometimes a different way of approaching things can unlock all sorts of productivity-boosting ideas, so why not embrace new concepts? And always remember that managers are judged by how well things are working, not by whether they're the ones who came up with the idea!

Jose De Jesus said: Observe … listen … decide … work the plan.

RG adds: The key to Jose's tip is the initial observation phase; if you don't observe, you'll never know where the problems are. Then listening to suggested fixes (along the lines of Tim's suggestions above) followed by a commitment to a plan tends to yield great results. Jose also gets the brevity award for this tip!

Jan Bath said: If I were to give a new CAD manager one brief piece of advice, it would be to be patient. CAD management is as much about managing change as anything else, and change takes time (or rather, people take time to adjust to change).

RG adds: Nothing to add to this one!

If you'd like to share some tips with your peers, why not swing by the Facebook group and participate? We'd love to have you in the group!

Do you have a helpful tip, link, or other item for the CAD Manager's Newsletter? Send it to me at If I use your tip in the newsletter you'll receive a cool Cadalyst prize!

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