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30 Apr, 2003 By: Michael Lennox Cadalyst

New Printers from HP, Seiko/Paradigm

Hewlett-Packard Designjet 100
HP’s Designjet 100 is designed for standard office printing and the occasional 240 wide-format print.
HP announced the Designjet 100 printer that combines standard desktop printing with the ability to feed in sheets as wide as 240 for occasional wide-format jobs. Priced at $995, the Designjet 100 is aimed at small offices and individual CAD users who currently outsource their wide-format prints.

A 100-sheet tray holds media up to 130 3 190 in size, and the manual sheet feed handles media from 4.30 to 24.60 wide. A rear straight-through paper path accommodates media up to 0.4mm thick. Four individual ink cartridges hold pigmented black ink and dye-based color inks. The black ink cartridge holds 69mL, and the cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges, 28mL. USB and parallel ports are available for network connectivity, and a LAN card is optional.

The Designjet 100 offers 12003600dpi resolution and prints as many as 11 pages per minute in A-size draft mode. D-size sheets take up to 90 seconds per page in fast mode. It comes with drivers for AutoCAD Releases 13-2000 as well as for Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP and raster drivers for Mac OS 9 and X.

A related model, the Designjet 120, is geared to graphic designers. It features support for six colors and resolution as high as 2400dpi. An automatic roll feed option (standard on the Designjet 120nr model) lets you print documents as long as 509.


Seiko/Infotech IP-4500Mk-II/4010Mk-II
Seiko’s new piezo wide-format models print with oil-based pigments that withstand light and water.
Paradigm Imaging Group distributes Seiko/Infotech's new IP-4500Mk-II/ 4010Mk-II series of piezo wide-format inkjet printers. The Seiko units use oil-based pigments that are lightfast and water resistant. Various print modes are available, with resolution as high as 7203720dpi. Draft mode (360dpi) takes about 1 minute to print an A0-size sheet, and standard mode takes three minutes. You can replace the 500mL ink cartridges through a one-touch operation. The printers come with the Onyx RIP Center, which enables tiling, copying, scaling, and cutting. Drivers are supplied for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.
Paradigm Imaging for Seiko

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