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11 Oct, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

Industry leaders discuss high-tech manufacturing trends at Microsoft Global High Tech Summit


It was a mild, sunny Thursday afternoon in the heart of the Silicon Valley late last month. At the Santa Clara Marriott, Microsoft Global High Tech Summit came to a momentary halt as lunchtime arrived. Glazed-eyed IT managers and executives stumbled out of the large presentation hall, where they had been sequestered for the better part of the morning. Few would dare stand between this famished mob and the pan-seared chicken promised by the lunch menu. Yet, at that very moment, the organizers ushered the next speaker into the clamorous lunchroom.p>

When New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, took the stage, even the hungriest attendees put down their silverware and coffee cups to pay attention. Probably because this crowd, assembled from some of the best minds in the high-tech universe, knew that their own innovations -- such as Web-based communication tools and collaboration platforms -- helped level the old economic hierarchies and flatten the world. In the new global playing field, individual programmers and engineers in India, China and Wisconsin can compete on equal footing with -- or work with -- the IBMs and GMs of the world. Collaboration now enters a new phase.  Read more >>


Cimmetry Systems Certifies Partners
Value-added resellers completed certification program to enhance their ability to support AutoVue customers.  Read more >>

LMS and TNO Automotive Partner
Tyre models have been integrated into Virtual.Lab Motion simulation software. 


MCAD: FormatWorks 2007
Latest release supports all CATIA V5 revisions up to version 17.  Read more >>

CAE: ABAQUS Student Edition Version 6.6
Dassault Systemes offers simulation capabilities for vibration analysis, material failure characterization and visualization.  Read more >>

CAM: FeatureCAM 2007
Delcam's new version includes enhancements to the software's automatic feature recognition functionality.  Read more >>

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