XI 4286 MTower SP

30 Nov, 2002 By: Ron LaFon Cadalyst

@Xi Computer Corp.

5 Stars out of 5

Workstations from Xi Computer consistently place at or near the top in our benchmark performance tests, and the Xi 4286 MTower SP is no exception. Though not the fastest system on the C2001 AutoCAD benchmarks-that honor goes to the SYS PowerHouse 2800 system-it was the fastest on both the SPEC ViewPerfect v7.0 benchmark and the MAX4BENCH tests run under 3ds max 5. As is also usual for Xi Computer, this performance comes at a very good price-$3,049, including 12 months of on-site warranty coverage. The quoted system price includes a standard warranty of 36 months on parts and labor. Various extended warranty coverage options are available. See the report card to see how it stacked up against the competition..

The Xi 4286 MTower SP incorporated another graphic card we'd never seen before at Cadalyst Labs-the NVIDIA Quadro4 980XGL. Though this card turned in very good performance figures, it should really come alive under the next generation of 3.06GHz Pentium 4 systems, where it will run as an AGP 83 graphics card (in this system it operated as an AGP 43 graphics card).

In addition to the usual controls, Xi's attractive and slightly "retro" charcoal gray and silver case features red and blue "running" lights and a CPU thermometer/temperature scale on the front. The case is one of the quieter ones among those we reviewed. As can be seen from the accompanying table, compact and stylish do not come at the cost of expandability. The Xi 4286 MTower SP came with a Logitech USB optical mouse and a lightweight, but responsive, Mitsumi keyboard. What else can I say? This is a great system at a very good price. Highly Recommended.

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