Argos 3.5

28 Feb, 2001 By: Michael Lennox

5 stars out of 5

Argos has two application components for tracking plots. When plotting from AutoCAD, the Capture module automatically prompts for information such as job phase and billing status. The Argos Manual Entry module lets you track prints from any other application once you manually start it. Regardless of which tool you use, data is stored in a single database accessed through Argos Manager, the administrative component.

The interface in Sepialine's Argos 3.5 makes it easy to manage and generate reports.

The Capture module is integrated with AutoCAD at installation. Argos information is recorded in each drawing file once it's plotted, so subsequent plots default to the previous tracking information. Installation is quick and straightforward—it took only minutes to install both the database component and the Capture module. You can complete company-wide installations from one location.

Argos Manager's intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage projects, devices, and media and to generate reports (see figure above). Before you capture plot information, you must set up the database by defining projects and choosing plot devices and appropriate media. To simplify the process, you can create templates and duplicate projects that have similar phases. You can also import project information from common AEC accounting packages such as Semaphore, Deltek Advantage, and Wind2. You can schedule regular imports to keep your information up-to- date.

Argos has several preconfigured reports that query the database. You can use filters to display or print specific activity. When it's time to bill a customer, you can easily export Argos data to most accounting packages. If you run into problems, Argos Manager's online Help is well written and informative. Help also includes tips for integration with AutoCAD. You can also download the Getting Started Guide and complete manual in PDF format from the Sepialine Web site. [Editor's note: SepiaLine announced that it soon plans to release a beta version of Argos 4 (Argos for Windows) to track printing from all Windows programs.]Highly Recommended.


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