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22 Jul, 2009 By: various

Social Networking and
Product Development

Web 2.0 technologies bring advantages, disadvantages, and applicability to the product engineering processes.

By Tom Shoemaker


Are Web 2.0 tools appropriate for use in product-development settings? Raise your hand if you say "Yes." How about "No way"? Lastly, is there anyone who believes "It depends"? My bet is that mass opinion resides with that third option. Social computing tools certainly offer great promise, but their potential use within product organizations is not without risk.

The Upside
Companies can realize tremendous gains by incorporating social computing technologies — an initiative that product-development software company PTC has termed social product development.

A key value of social product development is that it allows engineers, project managers, and other product-development professionals to reach out to a broader network to gain knowledge and form new interest groups or communities.

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Tom Shoemaker is vice-president, solutions marketing for PTC.


CAD System Configuration Tips for Windows Vista 64

The right system architecture, RAM, and graphics card make the difference in 64-bit operating systems.

By Robert Green

In the last CAD Manager's Toolbox, I answered some basic questions about using Windows Vista 64-bit operating systems. I wanted to continue the topic in this installment by sharing some configuration tips that I've found handy.

New Is Better
Although old machines might have to serve us for a while, 64-bit operating systems make a lot more sense on newer machines that have faster multiple-core architectures and modern chipsets that have been developed and tested in 64-bit operating system environments.

My rule of thumb is that you should buy new machines with 64-bit operating systems preinstalled as you phase out old machines and 32-bit operating systems.  Read more »


Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events


Packaging Industry Webcast Series

Through October 6, 2009
Various dates and times.
MSC.Software is hosting a webinar series on how consumer packaged goods manufacturers are using simulation-driven development to drive more innovative, functional, and sustainable designs at less cost. Read more »

2009 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

September 17–18, 2009
Seattle, Washington
The conference is open to FLOW-3D users as well as scientists, engineers, and other professionals interested in CFD modeling. Users from around the world and from a wide spectrum of industries and academia will present their studies, analyses, and results obtained using FLOW-3D. Read more »

PLM Road Map 2009

September 22–23, 2009
Plymouth, Michigan
At PLM Road Map 2009, attendees will learn about the issues confronting end users in design and engineering. Read more »

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