3D ContentCentral 2009 Updated to Include Social Media and Self-Publishing Features

27 Jan, 2009

Suppliers can build catalogs of 3D models and users can share components knowledge with the new social networking tools.

3D ContentCentral 2009, the newest version of the online service from Dassault Systemes' SolidWorks, includes self-publishing tools that enable suppliers to build catalogs of 3D models by clicking a mouse. New social networking tools let 3D ContentCentral users build Facebook-like communities for sharing knowledge on components and suppliers.

According to the company, more than 450,000 registered users consult the site to find configurable models of engineering components from suppliers. "Before 3D ContentCentral 2009, users and suppliers who communicated through online catalogs were restricted to exchanging CAD data," said Fielder Hiss, director of product management at DS SolidWorks. "Now, with the social networking features we've added to 3D ContentCentral, they can have real conversations, compare their knowledge and experience, and help each other make better buying decisions."

3D ContentCentral's new Supplier Services section reportedly enables suppliers to create their product catalogs without relying on a third-party service provider. The site also features a revamped My 3DCC page that enables users to build communities for trading knowledge and experience.

Key features of the My3DCC page include these:

  • My Updates keeps users up-to-date on community contacts.

  • Favorites lets users track specified users and parts catalogs.

  • Rate and Comment enables users to collaboratively evaluate model quality and share their experiences.

  • Requesting gives users a direct channel to suppliers so they can ask for modifications and new designs.

  • Google Maps integration in the search options helps users find the nearest component suppliers and OEMs.
  • Advanced Search Tools help users find content using guided navigation.