Anark Approved as AGI Affiliated Product Partner

25 Jun, 2008

Anark Core provides automated 3D CAD transformation for users of AGI's STK software.

Anark, a provider of automated 3D CAD transformation and visualization solutions, and Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the developer of commercially available analysis software for the national security and space communities, today announced that Anark has been approved as an AGI Affiliated Product Partner.

The Anark Core platform is a software solution that transforms 3D CAD data for import into STK for simulation applications, reducing the time and effort AGI software users currently spend manually preparing their 3D CAD models into appropriate forms for use with STK.

Anark Core can provide high-precision B-rep or lightweight 3D tessellated mesh output, and has several defeaturing tools, allowing for quick part, hole, and fillet removal, the company states. It reportedly converts to-and-from all major 3D CAD formats, and the conversion process is stored in a recipe and can be automated, eliminating costly manual rework when designs change.

Anark Core 1.1 exports CAD data into COLLADA files, which STK supports as an import format. Anark has also developed a range of expert features into Anark Core for STK users, which will be released in a future version of the product.

"Our acceptance into AGI's Business Partner Program is an important step that puts Anark in a strong position to add real value to STK users," said Anark CEO Stephen Collins. "Our ability to improve the workflow from native 3D CAD geometry into STK will save AGI's customers significant time and expense associated with developing visual simulation applications."

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Anark to bridge the gap for 3D CAD and STK users," said Peter Aves, AGI director of partner and alliances. "This new integration will provide even more versatility to our broad customer base."

The Anark Core Platform will be on display at the annual AGI User Conference in Chicago, October 7-9, 2008.