ANSYS Enhances High-Performance Benchmarking

20 Feb, 2008

New suite offers faster turnaround times for larger, more detailed mechanical and fluids simulations.

ANSYS released an enhanced high-performance computing (HPC) benchmark suite designed for customers who are adopting HPC systems for simulation purposes.

The new benchmark suite provides updated simulation workloads for structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), exercising various simulation-solution methodologies and addressing bigger simulation tasks.

The HPC benchmarking suite for ANSYS and FLUENT includes 15 simulation models in the mechanical modeling area and seven in the fluids modeling area. The suite reportedly provides customers with performance metrics for a variety of model sizes and solver methods while reflecting the trend toward larger models and comprehensive multiphysics simulation.

An enhanced high-performance computing benchmark suite from ANSYS has been used by ANSYS partners to assess performance on the latest HPC systems and technologies. This 4-million cell CFD benchmark model from ANSYS was used by its partners to demonstrate performance on cluster sizes up to 64 core. Each color represents a partition for parallel processing, with each partition mapped to a separate core.

"The new benchmark suite is a reflection of our commitment to working with key partners in the HPC industry to optimize and demonstrate performance of our software on the latest computing technologies," said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS. "This focus helps ensure that our customers can adopt new HPC solutions that enhance the overall value of simulation by enabling faster turnaround time and larger, more detailed simulations. The combination of ANSYS software with HPC leads to a simulation process that can reliably impact engineering decision making in the time frame our customers need. The new performance results show that HPC is now within the reach of all our customers, whether on the desktop, servers or clusters."

Intel used the new ANSYS benchmark suite to demonstrate the performance of its Intel Xeon Processor 5400 series, which was released in November 2007.

"ANSYS has set a high standard within the computer-aided engineering (CAE) industry for HPC benchmarking and reporting," said Richard Dracott, general manager of Intel's High-Performance Computing Organization. " The new benchmark suite provides a reliable and consistent methodology to measure the performance of our latest platforms."