Archway revises VersaCAD pricing

10 Mar, 2004

Archway Systems changed the pricing structure for its VersaCAD CAD software. Aavailable for both Windows and Macintosh systems, VersaCAD is now sold via an unlimited site license with pricing based on the size of the purchasing company and its total number of employees. Existing customers can choose between current pricing or the new structure when they renew their seats.

The new VersaCAD pricing structure requires owning at least one VersaCAD license:
1 to 5 employees $1,000
6 to 10 employees $1,500
11 to 19 employees $2,000
20 to 50 employees $2,500
51-100 employees $3,000
101 or more employees $4,000
"These new prices can dramatically reduce the cost of VersaCAD ownership while increasing the value of a customer’s investment,” said Tom Lazear, president and co-founder of Archway Systems.

The VersaCAD unlimited site license provides companies with an unlimited number of seats, plus one year of technical telephone support and product updates. Companies can distribute VersaCAD or any of its software components or documentation throughout the organization to install it on any number of computers, including employees’ home computers.