Bricsys Releases Software Development Kit

15 Sep, 2008

BRX SDK is code-compatible with ARX applications.

Engineering Software provider Bricsys announced today the release of its new BRX SDK software development kit, which enables independent developers to port their ARX-based applications to Bricscad v9 by recompiling their source code. Applications can now run on two different DWG platforms using the same source code.

Bricsys based its software on Open Design Alliance's DRX SDK, and worked to extend its code compatibility to ease maintenance and enhance vendor independence. BRM is source compatible with ARX 2007 and higher. Although it is not binary compatible, the software requires only a single recompilation of the source code to run binary files, the company reports.

The software now reportedly allows the porting of any DWG-based application, whether COM, LISP, Diesel, CUI, ADS, or ARX.

"This is a very important step in offering choice and independence to the DWG community," said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys.