CAM market shows slim growth after 3-year decline

25 Apr, 2004

CIMdata estimates that the worldwide CAM software and services market turned around in 2003 after declining for three straight years. CIMdata's 200-page "NC Software and Related Services Market Assessment Report" estimates that the CAM market grew by 1.1% from $1.039 billion in 2002 to $1.050 billion in 2003, as measured by end-user payments. Moreover, CIMdata is projecting that 2004 will be an improved year and that end-user payments for NC software and related services will increase by 6.9% to reach a level of $1.122 billion.

CIMdata vice-president Alan Christman commented, "The worldwide CAM software market is highly dependent upon the state of the global economy, the viability of the manufacturing sector, the extent of technology spending, and the amount of machine tool purchases. . . . Although the European manufacturing economy is expected to remain sluggish in 2004, strong increases are expected in Asia Pacific countries such as China, and the rebound in U.S. manufacturing is expected to continue."