Catalog Data Solutions Launches CAD Model Search Engine for PTC Pro/ENGINEER

16 Jan, 2008

3DModelSpace provides direct access to 3D CAD models available on Web sites from manufacturers and distributors.

Catalog Data Solutions, a provider of online product selection tools for industrial suppliers, announced on Wednesday the launch of 3DModelSpace for Pro/ENGINEER. According to the company, 3DModelSpace is a CAD model search engine that links directly to manufacturers' and distributors' Web pages that offer 3D CAD models. 3DModelSpace is built into Pro/ENGINEER, thereby providing direct access to the models.

"Engineers search online for manufactured part content more than ever before," said Michael Campbell, senior vice-president, product management, PTC. "With 3DModelSpace embedded within Pro/ENGINEER, designers can search across manufacturers and go directly to specific parts of interest that have downloadable CAD models. The result is that they can focus on designing and innovating new products instead of spending time and effort modeling parts they don't manufacture."

3DModelSpace reportedly provides a vertical search specific to manufactured parts and deep links directly to appropriate parts on manufacturers' and distributors' Web sites. The 3DModelSpace search engine includes direct links to six Pro/LIBRARYACCESS catalogs complete with CAD downloads for Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition. The company also reports that 3DModelSpace for Pro/ENGINEER will continue to expand with new content.